4 Zone Water Leak Detection Panel (WLD2400)

4 Zone Water Leak Detection Panel


The WLD-24x range of products is designed to detect water leaks at localised points using the CS-WLD-XX cable sensor. All these sensors are used with the WLD-24x microcontroller based intelligent panel that are suitable for wall mounting inside AHUs, power distribution units or general areas where leak detection is required. They are fitted as standard with LCD indication for healthy, fault & the water leak status. The external sounder can be muted by simply pressing the mute button. Existing water leak detection systems available in the market, uses a 12V /24V DC supply for sensing leaks. When DC excitation is used in the sensing cables they form electrolysis during the presence of water and forms corrosion around the sensing cables. This reduces the sensitivity over a period of time to virtually zero. However WLDM200 module uses AC as a sensing voltage, it does not corrode or degrade due to the alternating nature of the current and hence maintains the sensitivity of the sensing cables throughout its life time.

The WLD-24x panel 4 relay outputs can either be utilised to integrate with BMS to activate individual zone alarm. The WLD-24x panel has built in MODBUS RTU port equipped with RS485 and hence can be integrated to any BMS software seamlessly.


  • Monitor up to 200 meters of conductive fluid sensing cable
  •  Microcontroller based innovative AC sensing technology
  •  Configure up to 4 zones.
  •  Triggers individual Relay output for zone and activates common Fire & hooter relays.
  • Monitor the device remotely via Remote BMS via MODBUS protocol.
  • Zone names can be configured.
  •  Log an extensive variety of events and alarms.
  • Stand-alone or integrated leak detection and notification.
  • Pinpoint zone leaks quickly and accurately.
  • Manage an entire Room leak detection system through one RS485 Port.
  • Detailed alarm history with time and date stamp assists in troubleshooting.