GreenTree Frame Works – Building Automation

GreenTree Frame Works-Building Automation


The revolutionary GreenTree Frameworks is here. And withit, you now have a single, standardized infrastructure that unleashes the power of the embedded, “smart” automation devices housed within your control systems. The GreenTree Frameworks establishes a fully Internet-enabled, distributed architecture for real-time access, automation and control of embedded devices. Whether you’re controlling homes, buildings, energy or industrial processes, GreenTree ties both new and legacy system components together, regardless of manufacturer, platform or operating system, into a common control system. Now you can select the best devices for your application and, regardless of the manufacturer, you can efficiently and cost effectively integrate them into legacy systems to optimize your control system investment and results.

Plug-and-Play, Object-Oriented Architecture

The foundation of C Systems GreenTree Frameworks technology is its enhanced Java object modeling. Object modeling creates an powerful architecture that alleviates the need for gateways. By converting devices into software ”objects” for constructing applications, GreenTree can talk to smart devices using their native protocol and respective networks, regardless of make, model and manufacturer. GreenTree integrates these devices so you can read real-time data, send commands to the device, and utilize programming tools to reconfigure and reprogram them easily and inexpensively.