AC Sequencer

AC Sequencer

C Systems AC SENSE ACS4100 series of AC sequencer panel is a 16 bit microprocessor based
sigma delta technology with integrated temperature sensor circuit.

The AC SENSE ACS4100 is equipped with programmable outputs to control and sequence the Air conditioner based on the sequence and condition programmed. In output model, one AC will be active and other AC will be in standby mode. On elapse of programmed timer, the active AC enters into standby mode while the other AC with become Active. The set point for temperature can be programmed in the panel.


The Pt100 RTD sensor measures the temperature. If the ambient temperature exceeds the set point, the controller triggers the standby AC to reduce the temperature of

Supply Voltage : 230V AC
Current : 200 mA
Display : 4 Digit, 1/2 inch, 7 segment Red display
Sensor /Transmitter : Pt100 RTD stem Type with 5 m wire
Conversion Type : Sigma Delta
Resolution : 18 BIT ADC
Filter : common mode filter
Sample & Hold : yes
Outputs : 2,3,4 power relays (models are available)
Relay output : 30A @ 230V
Dimension : 180mm x 180mm x 90mm
Weight : 2Kgs
ambient below the set point. Once the ambient temperature is reached, the controller continues
to work as per the sequence. Up to 4 Outputs are provide in the panel. all combinations of active &
standby Ac can be programmed. All 4 outputs can be programmed to achieve (RTE) run time