Mimic Panel 10 & 16 Channels (CSMP-16)

Mimic Panel 10 & 16 Channels


Mimic Alert Fire alarm Mimic panel is a microprocessor based intelligent control panel that can accept up to 10 zones per control card. This offers more capability to the extensive options already offered by any Fire Alarm panel which provides programmable control relay modules. The CSMP-10 is the master PCB which can control up 10 outputs. If further outputs are required, CSMP-10 can be integrated with the master PCB offering a total outputs of 50.The CSMP-10 can be looped and has inbuilt power supply of 12V / 1A DC.

The flexibility of these boards is further enhanced by the fact that, when a zone control relay module gets activated, the corresponding LED in the panel will get illuminated and a audible buzzer gets activated. A “Mute” button in the panel is used to silence the buzzer sound.

Also the “Test Button” in the panel is used to test the healthy state of all the LED’s in the mimic panel.