Water Leak Conventional Module (WLD-M200)

Water Leak Conventional Module


The WLD-Mxxx series of water leak modules are designed with high speed microcontroller. The module is 230V AC operated and DIN rail mountable. Existing water leak detection systems available in the market use a 12V /24V DC supply for sensing leaks. When DC excitation is used in the sensing cables they form electrolysis during the presence of water and forms corrosion around the sensing cables. This reduces the sensitivity over a period of time to virtually zero. However WLDM200 module uses AC as a sensing voltage, it does not corrode or degrade due to the alternating nature of the current and hence maintains the sensitivity of the sensing cables throughout its lifetime.

The module communicates with the master CS8ZWLD panel. In the case of sensor cable/communication cable becomes faulty, the master panel generates a cable open fault. The module has built in power to supply a 12V hooter connected to it & also has a volt free contact for field level hardware integration.


  • LED Status of leak status
  • VFC output
  • Audible buzzer
  • Input Voltage : 230V AC
  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • Zones : 1
  • Audio : Piezo Buzzer
  • Visual : LED for Alarm
  • Relay Contacts : 1 Amps @ 24V DC 
  • Fault relay to panel