Temperature, Rh & DP Display and Alarm (TRhDP-2400)

Temperature, Rh & DP Display and Alarm


Smart Sense TRhDp2400 is a microprocessor based addressable intelligent display unit. The core module is a 16 bit microcontroller with 12 Bit-sigma Delta ADC circuit. All the analog inputs are protected by input noise filters for maximum accuracy. Each display is a ½ inch, 7 segment display. All the analog inputs accept 0-10V / 4 – 20mA. TRhDP2400 also provides the T, Rh & DP values in MODBUS registers. When communicated through any standard MODBUS RTU master, all the parameter values can be read through RS485 multi drop network. In addition to the MODBUS read registers, TRhDP2400 allows the user to write a set point value for each parameter in the MODBUS registers so that when the displayed value reaches the set point, a buzzer will be activated. Communication: RS485, optically isolated. Display Units: Deg C, % Rh and Pa.


  • Clean Rooms
  • AHU Rooms
  • Critical Rooms
  • Medical Assistance & POR Rooms