Carbon di Oxide Display Alarm (Co2-MAS)

Carbon di Oxide Display Alarm


Co2 Sense series of display panels are microprocessor based intelligent display unit. The core module is a 16 bit microcontroller with 12 Bit-sigma Delta ADC circuit. All the analog inputs are protected by input noise filters for maximum accuracy. Each display is a ½ inch, 7 segment display. All the analog inputs accept 0-10V / 4 – 20mA.

Co2 Sense series provides the CO2 level in ppm units. The panel not only displays the Co2 level but also triggers relay, when the set point is reached. The set point can be programmed through small key pad behind the display unit. The Co2 value can be accessed via MODBUS protocol for integration with BMS. In addition to the MODBUS read registers, Co2 Sense series allows the user to write a set point value through MODBUS register so that when the displayed value reaches the set point, a relay is triggered with a buzzer sound.