Temperature & Rh Display And Alarm (TRh2400)

Temperature & Rh Display And Alarm


C Systems SMART SENSE TRh-2400 series of Temperature and Rh display units are microprocessor based 16 bit sigma delta technology with built in noise filter and signal conditional circuit. The input signal is mirrored out as 0-10V for integrating with other systems like BMS, PLC, DCS etc.

The smart display accepts universal standard of 0-10V / 4-20mA analog signals and converts it to the corresponding units programmed in the display unit. The optional set point for T & Rh sensor facilitates the unit to trigger an alarm when the measured value reaches the set point. The display unit comes with two different panel fascia viz. MS powder coated sheet metal front plate with back box and Stainless Steel mat finished front plate with back box.


  • 3 Digit 7 segment RED LED display
  • Displays dynamic values of T & Rh
  • Ideal solution for monitoring T & Th values in server rooms, MUX rooms, Critical Rooms, operation theatre, POR etc