8 Zone Water Leak – Module Type Panel (CS8ZWLD)

8 Zone Water Leak – Module Type Panel


The CSxZWLD series of water leak detection is a versatile distributed intelligence system. It is a master / slave topology wherein the 8 zone main panel shall be installed in BMS / security cabin. All the slave modules are distributed in the rooms where water leak has to be monitored. All the modules are connected to the main panel via 2C x 1.5Sq.mm cable in star topology. Additional features include relay outputs, battery backup, detailed log etc.


  • Monitor up to 400 meters of conductive fluid sensing cable
  • Microcontroller based innovative technology
  • Configure up to 8 zones. Accepts 8 WLD modules
  • Triggers individual Relay output for zone and activates common Fire & hooter relays
  • Access the device remotely via Remote BMS via MODBUS protocol
  • Zone names can be configured
  • Log an extensive variety of events and alarms
  • Stand-alone or integrated leak detection and notification
  • Pinpoint zone leaks quickly and accurately
  • Manage an entire Server Room leak detection system through one RS485 Port
  • Detailed alarm history with time and date stamp assists in troubleshooting